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During the course of an individual's life, many things can occur that cause their credit score to become damaged. When considering credit and credit ratings, consider also that everyone starts out with no rating at all. No matter which category someone falls into, they are now faced with trying to build their credit up. To many, this seems to be an extremely daunting task, but it does not have to be. The following are some of the top tips on how to build credit up so anyone can have great credit ratings.

Tip 1: The Right Credit Card

The first step of how to build credit is choosing the right type of credit card. When a person is trying to build up their credit, they need a secured credit card. Secure credit cards require a down payment, generally between $500 and $700 to give the company better assurance that someone is trustworthy. This type of credit card is much safer than an unsecured one and unlike a debit card, these companies report to the credit bureaus.

Tip 2: Payments

After someone gets a secured credit card the next step is to consistently make payments on time. This is a vital part of how to build credit and must not be overlooked. Creditors look at a person's payment history to determine how well they think that person will pay off whatever amount of credit or loan that they give them.

Tip 3: One at a Time

Do not apply for more than one account at a time. Someone trying to build their credit will be far better off working on keeping and paying one card than trying to keep up with the payments of several. This way he or she can better concentrate their efforts and more easily afford the payments.

Tip 4: Avoid Overspending

This tip is somewhat of an extension of the last one, they both deal with not overextending oneself. A person must only charge an amount that they are confident that they can pay back in full. This is a very important tip to remember; do not overspend. If someone spends too much and is not able to pay it all back, they are not building up their credit but hurting it.

Learning how to build credit is of great importance to anyone with poor or no credit. Without good credit ratings, a person will not be able to get loans or credit lines. Whether someone has no credit or bad credit, following these simple tips will build up their rating so that they can move on to other important things in their life. Remember to start out with a secure credit card and to make all payments for it on time. Also, remember to avoid overspending and to only have one card at a time.

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